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WELCOME to the webpages of the West Australian Folk Federation (WAFF)

WAFF was incorporated in 1974. It has served the state entire, and particularly the Perth Metro area, for over four decad es.  WAFF is working now to reinvigorate itself and redefine its role as a leader in promotion of folk arts in Western Australia.  In the coming months we promise many new and exciting developments.  Join us as we work to elevate understanding and appreciation for folk music, poetry, dance, and story-telling.

      John Ralph, WAFF Chairman

Current WAFF Affiliated Folk Clubs


WAFF supports new and existing WA Folk Clubs through 'affiliation.'  Affiliated clubs can receive benefits though WAFF insurance and APRA license fees.  Affiliated clubs are asked to pay WAFF a small membership fee yearly to help cover the Federation's expenses for club licenses coverage.  WAFF can and sometimes does help with managing clubs and finding performers.

If you would like to start a folk club (especially in the Perth Metro Area) we are here to help you!

Currently two clubs are now officially affiliated with WAFF -


Wanneroo Folk Club
2nd Friday of every Month 8 pm

9th December

It’s party time!! The last folk night for the year will feature the fantastic Twisted Herring. This supergroup have been making waves since they really hit their straps about a year ago and now, with new cellist Peter Grayling they are really on the move. I am confident they could match it with any other band at the big festivals around Australia and overseas once they get a recording to send out with applications.

There will be some surprise acts on the night too and for this occasion we ask you to bring along a plate to share at half time to add to the festive nature of the evening. (Your choice of refreshment!!)

Dorchester Hall, Cnr Dugdale, Warwick. Doors open 7:30pm, music from 8pm

$10 (WAFF $8)

Email: John Ralph johndralph@hotmail.com

Reviews of November Shows:

Friday 11th November

The November show was a great night of music. Rob and Jill (The Rambling Bilbies) kicked off the night with No Mans Land and The Road to Gundagai in honour of  Remembrance Day while our fearless leader kept an eye on the sound desk. Next up was Dave Cutler, originally from Birmingham, and fairly new to the Club. His self penned songs were well written and well performed on 12 and 6 string guitars. The tale of The Archer and The Falconer was really interesting but Sunday with Tchaikovski told how his father gave him one very important love despite their uneasy relationship was a very poignant song. Bernie Wilborn, another from the UK, gave us The D Day Dodgers and Dinky Di, two very different but amusing tales.

Marcus Sturrock was support for the night and he delighted with his dexterity and innovation on his guitar. Normally he would have several guitars for a show but being only on for 30 minutes he stuck to just the one and did several tunings to demonstrate different playing styles. He is a very powerful and skilled player and it was shown that the great Tony McManus’s rating of Marcus as a great player was well justified. It was interesting to chat with Marcus afterwards and to find that his family was originally from Edinburgh and that his father was a piper. His 90 year young mother was in the audience and she looked to be really enjoying the night!!

Main act for the night was JimJam. Jim McGuire, Suzanne Brown and Steve Beckwith produced 2 sets of widely varied songs. Jim played guitar and mandolin, Suzanne, cello and bass, Steve gut string guitar and all sang either solo or in harmony. Starting with Summertime this was followed by a great version of In The Arms of The Angels and then Child of the Universe. Waggon Wheel got everyone singing along in the background and then it was a great tribute to Leonard Cohen, who passed away that morning, with The Gypsy Wife. To finish the first set came the tale of The Bridal Train, a song from the Waifs outlining the travails of war brides.

Their second set commenced with the fantastic Stan Rogers ballad The Mary Ellen Carter and then a song from Smokey - no NOT that one!! - Mexican Girl (were they sending Trump a subliminal message???) Then came an Australian classic The Diamantina Drover which the audience lustily joined in with. Jim then performed the Walter Scott song Jock O’Hazeldean solo as he has a new album out with many Scottish classics on it. To finish the night they all came back on stage to perform Only You and then a fantastic tribute to Leonard Cohen with his best known song Hallelujah. If I had known they were going to do this as their last song I would have asked them to hold off and do it as an encore as it would have been the perfect ending!! An encore was appropriate though so they played a Bon Jovi song Bed of Roses to finish to rapturous applause.

It was a fine night of music and we would be pleased to have Jim Jam back again as their repertoire is so extensive!!

Saturday 12th November - THE COMPANY 


We saw another concert at the Dorchester Hall, a WAFF initiative with a good turn out.

The concert showcased The Company a bluegrass band from Brisbane who were on a tour promoting their new album. All fantastic musicians and singers the audience was treated to a wonderful set of tunes and songs, many written by band members. Many songs/tunes were contemporary but when they launched into more traditional bluegrass they really brought the audience to its feet. Great fiddling, banjo and guitar backed by strong double bass lifted the roof off with the audience baying for more. Hopefully we get more concerts of this quality in the future but perhaps a little more space between regular events and additional ones!! This time it was due to the Company only being available on the night following the WFC night.

Jackadder's Music Club                                             

3rd Sunday of Every Month at 3 PM


 Woodlands Reserve Hall, Teakwood Ave, Woodlands.                     

 Adults $8, WAFF - Children $2 - WAFF members 50% discount        

 Carmel Charleton 9446 1558 carmel@carmelcharlton.com               

WAFF Membership

There are several types of WAFF membership.  Of course, you may ask yourself why join WAFF?  Joining WAFF is an expression of support of  WA Folk arts which we believe may slowly be lost without support.  It is also a commitment to ensuring that our past traditions are neither lost of remain frozen in time, but rather they continue to evolve in volume, diversity, and quality. In a state rich with heritage, the blending of peoples from many lands, and the spirit of high adventure, we can all join in to keep it's songs, stories, and dances alive.

  • Reduced entry fees at all WAFF sponsored events including folk club meetings, concerts, and more
  • Subscription to the WAFF quarterly newsletter
  • Listing in the WAFF database as a performer, with free advertisement and priority placement at WAFF events
  • Opportunities for learning including instruction, song sheets, workshops, and more
  • A source of information on concerts, festivals, and other folk-related events
  • A chance to join in a community that has a focus on fun, fellowship, and folk

  • WAFF Child - Free (WAFF member children are given free membership up to age 12 years, allowing free entry to all WAFF sponsored events)
  • Individual Membership - $20 per year (allows one adult full WAFF benefits)
  • Family Membership - $30 per year (allows a member and partner and two children up to age 19 full WAFF benefits)
  • Concession Membership (Golden WAFFie) - $15 per year (Allows seniors of 65 years and over full WAFF benefits for one year, with three free admissions to WAFF sponsored events)


Joining WAFF is easy.  Just click on the "Join US" button at the top of this page.  It will lead you through the membership registration process.  You can even pay your dues using PayPal or your credit card (secure transaction).

If you have questions please contact the WAFF Membership Officer at: WAFolk@hotmail.com 

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